Barney Switch

Hello. I'm Barney Switch the scarecrow witch!!!! Just kidding! I'm not a witch, just a scarecrow! It is a might bit fun to sing 'Barney Switch the scarecrow witch!' to the 'Bill Nye the Science Guy' theme. Try it. Seriously! TRY IT! IT'S FUN!!! I am a tidbit imobile, due to my being a scarecrow. Feel free to mail me cars and stuff so I can get around. I have a stick stuck in me. My owners want to shoot me off like a firecracker. OH NO!!!! But I know they won't. P.S. Before you start browsing my site, I think you should know this: EYM AY MAIGOR EN SPELLYNG!!!          I have a joke: A squirrel walks up to a tree and says "I forgot to store acorns in you for the winter and now I am dead. Ha. "