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Aloha at last! 05/05/2010
Aloha,fans! Guess what? I yesterday got a last minute plane ticket to Hawaii! I am currently at a luxury resort having a blast with my three newly met chicks. See my photo album (page 2) to see my pictures of day 1!
Update! 05/05/2010
Update! 05/05/2010
Dear fans, F.Y.I., this site will be updated in multiple ways soon, so keep visiting!
My Apologies 04/08/2010
I am sorry, dear fans, that I haven't made a post in a while. Things have been happening. Things I cannot account for.....Muahahaha!
W.P.!!!! 12/03/2009

This vacation is NOT going as planned. Our plane has not arrived. I am stuck in this 2 bit vllage. The food is shlocky. I am going to try to get my pics from here to my site. IDK if it'll work. With Paste!!!!!!!!!!! (So

Hello, dear fans, I am dreadfully sorry that I could not, once again, type for a while. Our plane was delayed and the Wi-fi around here isn't so great. But I finally got my laptop running just in time to say Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!! I'm a scarecrow (duh) so I love the Thanksgiving holiday! My service is going downhill again, so see you later, fans!
Dear fans, I am incredibly sorry I could not type for a while. My plane crashed in the wild jungle of Guatemala. While nobody was harmed, me and the other 124 people on the plane had to trek through the jungle and we almost were eaten by cannibal chimpanzees. Fortunately, a twelve year old boy distracted them by throwing his inhaler at their leader's head. It ricoched off the chimp and landed in the fire, the plastic creating toxic gasses, knocking out the monkeys. Our group finally made it to a small town, where a plane is going to pick us up in 12 hours. Do not worry, fans. Even though I courageously fought off one of the chimps, I, Barney Switch, am unharmed.
Almost Hawaii 11/10/2009
I, Barney Switch, am currently on my plane to my getawaii in Hawaii where I will meet my beloved girlfriend!!!!! Many of you fans, (particularly the select few who have believed that I am Barney the dinosaur and Barney Fife) are probably wondering how I am updating my site from a plane. Laptop. Duh. I must now  feast my eyes on the beautiful flight attendant bearing a striking resemblance to my imagination's picture of my to be girlfriend. Adios, dudes!
Pre-Hawaii 11/09/2009
 I, Barney Switch, will soon be on my way to a relaxing getawaii on the island on Hawaii. I, Barney Switch, of an unsound mind..... just kidding. (I, Barney Switch, am VERY sound) Anyhow....I, Barney Switch, fervently hope to have a basement in my getawaii hotel because I will probably find a GIRLFRIEND in it. She will be blonde like a Barbie or Eve Plumb. Would you like to know why I, Barney Switch, think i just might find a girlfriend in my getawaii hotel's basement??? Because I, Barnabald Switch, once read a novella about a blonde beauty queen stuck in a basement and a guy found her and they started dating. I, Barney Switcheroo, have high hopes for this trip. GOOD LUCK TO ME AND MISS X WHO IS CURRENTLY TRAPPED IN A BASEMEMT!!!!!!