Pre-Hawaii 11/09/2009
 I, Barney Switch, will soon be on my way to a relaxing getawaii on the island on Hawaii. I, Barney Switch, of an unsound mind..... just kidding. (I, Barney Switch, am VERY sound) Anyhow....I, Barney Switch, fervently hope to have a basement in my getawaii hotel because I will probably find a GIRLFRIEND in it. She will be blonde like a Barbie or Eve Plumb. Would you like to know why I, Barney Switch, think i just might find a girlfriend in my getawaii hotel's basement??? Because I, Barnabald Switch, once read a novella about a blonde beauty queen stuck in a basement and a guy found her and they started dating. I, Barney Switcheroo, have high hopes for this trip. GOOD LUCK TO ME AND MISS X WHO IS CURRENTLY TRAPPED IN A BASEMEMT!!!!!!


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